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A little about Renee  Wheelock, founder of E y e  2  E y e D e v e l o p m e n t. 

My name is  R e n e e   M a r i e  W h e e l o c k.


I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, family lover, friend, dog-mommy, memory maker/picture taker, passionate cook, avid gardener, decorator, Nikon Photographer, birder, hiker, and EYECARE INDUSTRY LOVER.


I hold 28 years of eye care industry knowledge and experience, specializing in dispensary and practice growth. For the past 28 years I have guided both optical retailers and OD's to successfully maximize their dispensary, the profit backbone of an optical practice.  I have dispensed in NYS and worked for leading companies to include Nikon Optical US, Transitions Optical, Essilor of America,  Silor Optical, and Empire Vision. I have built longterm relationships and partnerships with incredible independent optical retailers and ECP's throughout the US. This has been incredibly rewarding for myself, my clients and the patients they are serving. Over recent years, the need for dispensaries to improve and modernize has increased substantially. Optical retailers and independent optometrists are needing sharper tools and skills to navigate the quickly changing dispensary landscape. I have taken my knowledge and experience and formed an LLC. Eye 2 Eye Development was formed to "serve and not sell" allowing me to wear a neutral hat to best serve...with a purpose.


Eye 2 Eye Development was born out of an enormous need within the eye care industry. The need for dispensary business guidance, product education, staff training, practice performance and better "best practices" direction. Eye 2 Eye Development is a trusted partner helping business owners, throughout the US, effectively and efficiently navigate and maximize the optical dispensary of today.  


I have built a robust network of valued vendor partners, industry specialists, liaisons, leaders, educators and have paired this with a combination of skills, proficiency, and optical knowledge. This gives Eye 2 Eye Development the ability to offer unique, 1:1 consulting services unmatched by other firms. Eye to Eye Development offers a unique way to meet individual practice and dispensary goals, 1:1, one practice at a time. I bring a unique collection of specialized optical expertise and talent to solve practice business challenges, analyze market opportunities, and provide strategic recommendations to achieve practice goals. Eye 2 Eye will keep you future focused. I look forward to meeting and helping you with your dispensary and practice goals. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Contact me.  I would love to talk and help you!

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