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Our all-virutal Platform -the new Rx for your practice profit goals.  

Eye 2 Eye Development is a proven and effective option for professional dispensary consultations and advisement. We are a modern, fully virtual, boutique strategy  firm for busy optometrists. We save you time, improve focused engagement, and save you money from day one. Consultants of the past charge expensive rates plus approximately $325 per day for on-sight visits and added travel related expenses . We are fully virtual allowing you to save money and offer an increased flexibly for meeting times with no travel planning needed. 


Eye 2 Eye Development matches a greater variety of needs to the right expertise while increasing productivity gains, virtually. We save you time and money starting with session number one.  Book a complimentary mini consult today to identify the best plan for your dispensary/practice improvement needs. 

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Eye 2 Eye Development is future focused and offer impactful services. 

We save you time and money while showing you how increase profits!


Eye 2 Eye Development's virtual consulting model is an exciting option to access the expertise you need when you need it, we accelerate the productivity of your dispensary/practice and you benefit from a large cost savings. This capability is a transformational shift in optometric consulting and can make an immediate difference in your overall business success.


We are here to help you now AND for years to come. 

Bringing Eye 2 Eye Development on board and maximizing our value takes a bit of preparation, high attention to communication, and focus.  Here are a few ways to maximize these services:

  • We prep you for Day 1:  We will send a checklist and questionnaire after your complimentary mini consult.  Be sure to complete and return this prior to your first 1:1 one hour consult 

  • Speed up the process and avoid progress slowdowns: Supply Eye 2 Eye with a prioritized list of top-tier and second-tier dispensary goals 

  • Schedule regular communication: When booking your meeting bundle (BUTTON HERE), it is best to also secure a 20/20 Check-in bundle (BUTTON HERE) to create a regular meeting cadence: Weekly check-in meetings are essential for sharing progress, clearing obstacles, and updating priorities  

  • We are a "camera's on" partner and offer a modern, high culture of high performance. Make sure your camera and sound are both working prior to your meeting. Virtual face-to-face meetings are more effective and support longterm working partnerships to best reach goals and increase profits, TOGETHER.  We want to ensure the best meetings possible.  "Virtual" simply means a meeting in two difference offices. Our modern virtual model saves you time and money from Day 1. 

An Eye 2 Eye Development consult can quickly start increasing your profits (add button) 


Contact Renee Wheelock-Senior Principal 

Eye 2 Eye Development is passionate about helping iECP's succeed. We love new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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