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Your New Dispensary Business Development Manager 

About Eye 2 Eye Development

Are you lacking the time to pay close attention to your dispensary? Are you paying attention but don't really have a plan to improve?  Do you have a "dispensary-leak" and don't know how to fix it? Are your prices in-line with your market and the national average?  Do you know what your current product mix is?  Do you know what products are being sold on insurance plan? Do you want to improve multiple pair sales? Do you need a dispensary refresh or a remodel?  

I am Renee Wheelock, Senior Principal of Eye 2 Eye Development LLC. I founded Eye 2 Eye Development LLC based upon a serious and significant need within independent optometry. More and more OD's are super pressed for time and simply don't have the day-to-day bandwidth to oversee the management of the intricate details of their dispensary.  The biggest profit center of the practice! This is where Eye 2 Eye Development comes in. Eye 2 Eye Development is passionate about helping OD's maximize and fully leverage the dispensary.  Eye 2 Eye is the premiere, go-to, off-site, "dispensary business development partner" and trusted advisor.  For any practice owner looking to maximize and increase dispensary profits and more, Eye 2 Eye Development is your personal EYE-dentifier and coach. Eye 2 Eye works nationally and is an independent, women-owned firm, fiercely passionate about helping iECP's provide the BEST overall patient experience.  Eye 2 Eye will identify potential grow to the next level and show you how to effectively increase your profits. We take the stress out of managing a dispensary and inject it with improvements resulting in happier patients and increased profits. We help ensure BEST practices by you and your staff through a variety methods that are quick to implement and result in effective changes. We take the stress out of your "dispensary management" and show you how to take control of your dispensary profits and future. You pick which support-service works best for you and watch the long term changes and improvements unfold; week-by-week, month-by-month.  Eye 2 Eye builds strong relationships; we are your 1:1 partner and support you in management changes that lead to your improved success. We have the knowledge,  experience, tools, resources,  vendor partners/relationships, and a proven successful track record.


Our goal is to improve your patients experience. THIS results in referrals and increased profits.  A win win.

More about Eye 2 Eye Development LLC

Welcome to Eye 2 Eye Development. Eye 2 Eye is the premier boutique consulting firm exclusively focused on

supporting independent optometrists in navigating the rapidly changing landscape of

the optometric dispensary and overall eyecare. We understand that the eyecare industry is constantly evolving, and

staying ahead of these changes is essential for the success of independent

optometrists. Our small unique-boutique firm is dedicated to helping you adapt to these dynamic shifts, seize

new opportunities, and thrive in this ever-changing environment. We drive success, patient satisfaction and profits. 

At Eye 2 Eye Development, we stay at the forefront of industry trends, updates, and technological advancements that impact the field of optometry, with a "focus" on the dispensary. Renee Wheelock's 28 years of industry experience is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to guide you

through these rapid changes, ensuring your dispensary and overall practice remains competitive and


We recognize that keeping up with the latest developments can be challenging and stressful,

especially when you are "focused" on providing exceptional patient care. That's where Eye

2 Eye Development comes in. Eye 2 Eye is here to be your trusted support advisor, providing the

necessary insights, strategies, and tools to navigate the evolving optometric landscape


The Eye 2 Eye Development Approach

When you partner with Eye 2 Eye Development, you can expect tailored consulting

services designed to help you thrive amidst rapid changes in eyecare, one project at a time:

1. Industry Insights and Trends: We keep a close eye on industry trends and

emerging practices, providing you with the latest insights and knowledge. Eye 2 Eye helps you understand the implications of these changes and identify

opportunities to optimize your dispensary and overall practice. Eye 2 Eye is here to guide you, one project at a time. This low pressure, collaborative approach, is powerful and results in a higher number of impactful improvements. Eye 2 Eye will overwhelm you with support and success tools so you remain underwhelmed with stress.  

2. Strategic Planning and Execution: Eye 2 Eye  works collaboratively with you to develop

strategic plans that align with your practice and dispensary vision goals. Eye 2 Eye 

assists in translating these plans into actionable steps, ensuring that you can

effectively implement changes and adapt to the evolving optometric landscape.

3. Technological Integration and Innovation: Technology plays a vital role in modern

eyecare. Eye 2 Eye can help you advanced your

technologies to the next level, such as electronic ordering, EHR, frame inventory, telemedicine solutions,

and data analytics tools and more. We are your personal assist for price negation for many products and ensure you establish effective COG and charging the appropriate fees. We help you leverage these innovations to enhance

patient care, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge. Eye 2 Eye saves you TIME and increases profits. 

4. Patient-Centric Approach: As eyecare continues to evolve, patient

expectations and demands also change. Eye 2 Eye helps you develop

patient-centric strategies, focusing on enhancing patient experiences, 

engagement, and satisfaction. We assist in implementing new patient offerings, 

tools, improving patient access, and implementing strategies to foster long-term

patient loyalty resulting in increased referrals.


Partner with Eye 2 Eye Development

The rapid changes in eyecare require a proactive and adaptable approach. Eye 2 Eye

Development is your partner in navigating these changes and seizing new opportunities.

We are committed to empowering independent optometrists like you to thrive amidst

the evolving eyecare landscape.

Contact Eye 2 Eye Development today to schedule a consultation and discover how our

specialized services can help you improve your dispensary, the overall patient experience, 

adapt to new trends, and position your practice for sustained success. Together, lets

embrace the future of optometry with confidence and resilience.


We want to make sure we are the perfect choice for YOU.


Eye 2 Eye Development's primary goal to help independent optometrists's improve and maximize their dispensary and overall practice services. Eye 2 Eye would love to help every practice however, we realize this is impossible. We accept a certain number of practice per month to best serve and reach targeted goals for our clients. Eye 2 Eye would love to find out more about YOU and your project needs, small or large; we want to understand your vision. Please fill out this form and we will 

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Grow Your Vision

Ready to take your next step?   It's super easy and pressure-free. Book a 1:1  “focused clarity” call to de-stress your work life. Let us do what you don't have time for. 


Work less and make more! With the  E y e   2  E y e  20/20 See Freedom Plan. On this meeting call you will design your Freedom Plan- see how simple it can be to get off square one and uncover your next step 

Schedule a Consulting 20/20 Clarity Call today-validate your business needs/goals/ideas and get clarity on your next best steps. See how you can leverage your dispensary to generate more profits, improve the overall patient experience and grow immediate profits.

Apply for the Eye 2 Eye 20/20 program today.

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